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Grand League wining tips make perfect dream team: Your Ultimate Guide

Fantasy cricket has taken the world of sports because of its popularity, providing an exciting and superb way to engage with the game we love . Among the various formats of fantasy cricket, the Grand League stands top of rewards and competition, where players battle it out to win big and claim the top spot. If you want to be a Grand League champion, this ultimate guide will help  you with the essential strategies  blueprints and insights  needed to know to be a champion

Key points —

Know the Format

Understanding the format of the Grand League is the first step towards achieving success. Different format might have variations in their scoring systems, player selection rules, and budget .

Try to  know yourself with the specific rules of the Grand League you’re participating in, as this knowledge will serve as the foundation for your winning strategy

Example : in t20 format player are rush to score quick runs in very fast

In odi player have most of time lefts to play so they can play slowly



2Research Player Form and Conditions


In fantasy cricket, knowledge is power. Stay updated on players’ recent form, injury status, and past performances.  Also know how players have played in previous matches at the venue

3Study Pitch and Weather Conditions-

Pitch and weather conditions play a significant role in determining a player’s performance. Some players perform on certain types of pitches, while others struggle. Keep an eye on pitch reports and weather to make well-informed choices on grand league team

4 Matchup – 

  Take deep research on match up people need to know who play well against whom

If you know match up of player battle you will surely know that who can perform and who has less chances


Example Virat Kohli play well against Pakistan Haris Rauf then select one only

Select low selected player if you want to win grand league than you need to select 2-3 less selected player

5 Take risky player in team  -if you want to win  you need to take risk

In your team you need to some less selected player because if they perform well your rank will boost so rapidly

Example- if player is selected 10%then if he performs well then your chances in top 10%  that’s great !

If a player with 85%selected perform well then competition will we tough and team will we compete with 85%

Never miss regular performer _- if a player is giving regular performace the select in most of your team because most of time they gives you points

Example  in ipl 2023 Shubman Gill was performer in 90% of his matches he had given most fantasy points in tournaments



Keep this type of player in mind

High priority on top batter or bowler a regular batter and bowler have most of chances to give you high point if you selected most of player who have batted late or parttime bowler then less chance of getting more points



Team with logic  when you are creating team then you need to apply actual logic and well planned and calculated  team


Lets take example IND VS AUS

If you take both opener from India then not try to take starting bowler of Austrelia

If you drop opener let’s say Rohit Sharma then took one bowler who bowls in starting over and

If try one down batter and two down according to situation


Selection of captain and vice captain

Most important in creating gl team is selection of c vc of a match

As a fantasy player you should know that captain gives you 2X points

Vc gives 1.5X then it is most important point to remember

Now selection techniques –

Captain should be most adoptive player of match try to find a perfect player from all the points mentioned

Same thing apply for VC

Let’s find

Lets say MI VS RCB match is playing

Then most probable captain should Virat  because of records and performance

VC should be a SKY Suryakumar Yadav ( it is just example all time captain and vice captain depends on match performance)



Hope you learned how to make a perfect dream team for your match

If you keep all the things in mind then you be definitely create a best team and hopefully win grand league



The Grand League can be won with your cricketing knowledge and strategic acumen. By understanding the format, conducting thorough research, diversifying your team, and making smart captaincy choices, you can increase your chances of winning big in the world of fantasy cricket. Remember that fantasy cricket is as much about enjoyment as it is about competition, so join the excitement, stay disciplined, and let your cricketing instincts guide you to the top of the leaderboard. Good luck on your journey to Grand League glory!





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